Luke Harrop Triathlon

Mens Team Winners

7th April 2019

It was a family affair at the Luke Harrop Triathlon held at the Gold Coast, when the Sadler boys competed in the mens' team event. They took out the win with Matthias swimming, coach Glenn  cycling and Joshua bringing it home on the run leg. This was the first time Matthias and Joshua had competed in a team event. 'Competing in a family team was really enjoyable and a lot of fun and I'm very keen to do it again,' Matthias said after being presented with his medal.

The Importance of Stretching

3rd May 2019

Every good training session should end with at least 5 minutes of stretching but how many of us fail to add this essential component to our routine? After a hard training set we can be ready to call it a day and rest or do something more enjoyable and understandably so, but if we want to be able to perform at our best come race day, then we need to have the discipline to stretch.

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