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Potential; Discover, Develop, Deploy

Before the world had witnessed the first mushroom cloud and destructive force of an atomic bomb, who would have thought there was so much potential energy stored inside atoms. An atom is a million times smaller than the thickest human hair and everything living and non-living is made up of atoms. A human being weighing 70kg is made up of approximately seven billion, billion, billion atoms. The estimated number of atoms in one human cell is 100 trillion. Like the potential energy stored in an atom, I believe every human being contains within them seeds of potential. An atom is far smaller than a seed, in fact it is microscopic. It cannot be seen unless someone is using the right instruments and deliberately looking for it. You may not see your potential but that doesn't mean it's not there. When the energy from this microscopic atom is released however, it gains attention and its impact is huge. An atomic bomb starts with one uranium 235 atom being split which then causes a chain reaction. The neutrons it looses will split another uranium 235 atom and so on. It's amazing how something so small can have such an influence. But, for us to realise our potential, what is it going to take? First of all we have to discover where possible potential lies and we do this by trying new things and exploring new options. You will never know if you're going to be good at something if you've never tried it. Just like the atomic bomb, scientists first had to discover the atoms potential. Next came the development stage where the scientists had to decide how to best use this potential which then led to the development of the bomb. Likewise when we find where our possible talents lie we need to further develop them and decide how we are going to use them. Once the atomic bomb was finished it then needed to be tested by deploying it on its target. In our development we need to be continually testing our progress to see if we are on track by deploying our skills in real life situations like competitions. By performing under pressure we will see what skills hold up and where we still need to improve. But be reminded, it required energy from an outside source for that first atom to be split. For us to take the journey to reach our full potential requires energy and effort on our part. Like the atom however, once we begin this journey we can cause a chain reaction having a positive influence on others. We need to take our seeds of potential and plant them in good soil and nourish them by surrounding ourselves with the right people and putting ourselves in the right environment. The atomic bomb couldn't be developed without the specialists in that field, the scientists, so to we need to seek help and advice from the specialists to develop in our chosen field. We all have so much potential inside of us just waiting to be released. Use what you are good at to become better, keep learning, keep practicing, keep doing. What are you capable of?

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