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Raise the Bar

How many high jumpers at the Olympic Games after jumping over the first bar would say, "Oh, I'm done now. I've cleared the jump so I can go home"? The answer, of course, would be none. The bar is raised and the high jumper tries again and he keeps trying until he's reached his limit. And how many high jumpers do you think would only ever train at heights they can easily manage? Again, the answer would be none. Oh for sure there would be some training done at heights that were easy to manage so skills could be refined but you can be sure that they will also be trying for heights not yet achievable.

High jumpers keep raising the bar. Likewise we will never know our true potential unless we keep raising the bar. We need to extend and stretch and challenge ourselves, to step out of our comfort zone and try something new and aim for better. This could be raising the bar in our working life, in our relationships, in our personal development, in our sport, in fact in any area of our life. 

The people who have the greatest influence are those who with patient determination, consistently work at reaching their limits by raising the bar another notch higher.

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